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Programs Open to the Public:

Animal Tracking Programs in New England,

Explorations of the Quabbin area,

Wildflower I.D. and Forest Ecology,


Sustainable Living, and many more

programs to foster nature appreciation and understanding

Upcoming Programs

Field Programs - Winter, 2022 to 2023

December 11, 2022 (Sunday) Animals Preparing for Winter
January 15, 2023 (Sunday) Adventures in Tracking
January 22, 2023 (Sunday) Adventures in Tracking
February 5, 2023 (Sunday) Adventures in Tracking
February 26, 2023 (Sunday) Adventures in Tracking
February 18 and 19, 2023 (Saturday and Sunday) Tracking Lynx in Maine

Our program schedule is updated as new programs are added. Check back occasionally to find new offerings throughout the year!
If you are interested in receiving an email when new programs become available, please email us at walnuthilltracking@verizon.net and we will add you to the email list.
Please note that all of the above programs are open-enrollment, for the general public. To book private programs, please contact us via email and/or phone: walnuthilltracking@verizon.net/978-544-6083

Custom Programs:

We can design a program to suit your particular audience and interest,

from easy one-hour walks to all-day excursions,

focusing on the native flora and fauna of Massachusetts and New England.

We also conduct in-depth indoor seminars on animal tracking,

and can travel to your location for evening slideshow presentations.

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Our goal is to share the excitement and wonder we experience in the natural world. The programs are designed to provide students with wide and deep opportunities for nature exploration and cultivation of mindfulness - an appreciation for the connection bewteen all creatures, great and small.

"Ultimately, tracking an animal makes us sensitive to it-- a bond is formed,an intimacy develops.
We begin to realize that what is happening to the animals and to the planet is actually happening to us. We are all one.
Tracking and reading sign help us to learn not only about the animals that walk in the forest -- what they are doing and where they are going -- but also about ourselves.
For me, this interconnection
is survival knowledge and the true value of tracking an animal."

- Paul Rezendes, Tracking and the Art of Seeing

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