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Wildflowers and Trees - an outdoor program

Sunday, May 19, 2024, 10am to 4pm
On this outdoor walk we will likely identify more than half of the 100 most common wildflowers in our area and at least 15 out of the 50 most common Central New England trees. This will be an easy walk through a very scenic area, mostly on a wide forest path. With wildflowers, you will learn how to use flower and leaf structure and arrangement to key out unknown plants you may encounter on your own. With trees, we will focus on the characteristics of the bark, which will enable you to make positive identifications even when the leaves are off the tree (half the year in New England!).
We will also share information on the edibility and medicinal uses of many of the wild plants that we see, and the potential toxicity of some. And you will learn how some of most interesting plant names have come about – why “gallant soldiers” and “big-toothed poplar?”
(By the way, this program makes a great Mother's Day gift. Please call to request a gift certificate.)
Bring rain gear, as the program will run if there are rain showers.
Plant lists and other handouts will be provided. You may bring your own field guides if you wish. A notebook will be very useful, as we share a lot of info on these walks.
Fee: $65 per person

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Wildflowers May 19 2024

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