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Birding by Ear - with John Green - an outdoor program

Sunday, May 12, 2024, 7am to 10am
Birds are often hidden in dense shrubbery, or high in the canopy of trees far out of sight where we canít see them. But their voices reveal their presence. Learning the calls and songs of birds adds to our appreciation and opens the door to a new dimension in birding.
Naturalist, photographer, and expert birder John Green will be the guide for your eyes and ears, as you experience the unfolding of the spring season through the world of birds. This walk will be particularly instructive in bird calls and songs, a specialty of John's. On these short walks we have identified over 50 species in the past! John's encyclopedic knowledge and approachable teaching style make birding both educational and fun.
(By the way, this program makes a great Mother's Day gift. Please call to request a gift certificate.)
Bring rain gear, as the program will run if there are rain showers.
Bring a notebook and binoculars if you have them.
Fee: $35 per person

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Birding by Ear May 12 2024

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