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Thanks to all program participants for your letters, cards, and e-mails with words of appreciation and encouragement - this makes it worth it! To be able to share in nature's beauty is an unmatched joy and blessing. - Nick & Valerie

"Dear Valerie and Nick, Tim and I so enjoyed our time with you yesterday. We touched on so many things yesterday...I hope we have the pleasure of learning more from you... Best regards, Kate"

"Yesterday’s workshop was excellent, as have been all which preceded it. It is now burned into my brain that rodents have four toes on the front legs and five on the hind, that lagamorpha are the reverse, that red foxes have black feet, that chipmunks and woodchucks are really squirrels in disguise, and that one should always remember never to say always or never. See…..I was paying attention after all. Regards, Timothy"

"Hi Valerie n Nick, I am soo glad I made the effort to come and take this...It was fantastic... I enjoyed all the other participants and can`t wait to be back. I learn so much from you guys with every trip........Bob S."

"Valerie,Thank you. You and Nick were great as was the class Saturday. I put the knowledge to practice Sunday and Monday and it helped tremendously from my mindset to visualizing as did the track maker thus opening up a whole new door for me while trying to become one and flow with nature. I feel you understand the spiritual side of things that I thought I would never be so lucky to find in others let alone teachers, this is to me a huge bonus."- Eric

"Hi Valerie and Nick.I want to thank you again for the great walk yesterday. It was wonderful to be in the woods discovering all the animal sign."- Caron

"Nick and Val - I had a great time with you again this summer and I know it was a worthwhile experience for all our students that were able to attend! I guess every year we have visited I have been struck by something different. This year it was the abundance of straddle trees on the trails and the incredible length of the trails that amazed me." - Sasha

"Nick and Val- It was a pleasure to see you both last week. It was a great time, the new students really seemed to enjoy your teaching." - Alyssa

"Hi Valerie, Your web-site is amazing, and shows very well the type of work you and Nick do! Well done! The pictures are beautful and your projects are very interesting. Much success to both of you! We should all dedicate ourselves to the things that are trully meaningful to us!"- Tina

"Nick and Valerie. Thanks so much for taking the time to take Dan and me out on the trails. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Here's a link to the piece to share with your kids. We've gotten some great feedback from viewers. Cheers" - Josh, New England Cable News Network

"I would like to apply to present this [bear data]... at the nation Wildife Society Conference this October. I'm hoping you'll be ok with me taking this "national". I understand you've been communicating with John about getting a paper written, and I'm so excited for you. And us, and bears! I think that what you've been doing is phenomenal work and needs to be share[d]."- Alyssa

"Nick and Val, Thanks for coming all this way! I have talked to several students this week that attended the workshop and they have all said great things about their learning experience! Even one who seemed a little disinterested to me – actually said that she learned so much and really enjoyed herself...I attached a couple group pictures. THANK YOU!" Sasha - Finger Lakes Community College, Environmental Studies

"Thank you for a terrific day yesterday. I learned so much. I spent three hours walking our land today covering the same distance that usually takes 30 minutes. My wife and I found animal signs that we hadn't noticed before; coyote tracks and fresh scat with lots of hair, lots of rubbings, browsed trees, and even what I think is an incisor scrape. I felt more aware and in tune with the forest. I will be signing up for more classes. Thank you." - Lee

"Nick and Val, How are you both doing? I am hoping for snow in early January so I can come out and see you again...Thanks again for getting me fired up about this! JVN" - John

"Thank you so much for all your gifts. Remembering fondly our great time last year, Ruth and Rob"

"Hi guys, Today we visited the otter site at gate 30. What a wonderful small spot. We discovered two sites with hundred of tracks and a few scats containing fish, crayfish and insects. We also discovered a mink den at the same place. Thank you so much for the info. Best,Christian" - Christian Muñoz-Donoso, Cinematographer, Equilibrio Films, LLC

"Hello, I came across your tracking videos tonight after a long day of photography. I wanted to thank you all for your hard work to bring this information to people across the world. I'll be using these techniques to get closer to wildlife safely. Kaylene"

"Now that your running your own tracking school, do you still get a chance to get outside by yourselves and wander around? It's funny when you start a business doing something you love, that sometimes you don't have time to do the thing you love anymore. I hope that hasn't happened to you, and that you get a lot of opportunities to wander around the woods together. Hugs to both of you. Jen"

Yes, we still do wander around in the woods together just for the joy of it; it keeps our minds and souls healthy. Thanks to these and other folks who continue sending us their thanks and best wishes. - Valerie and Nick

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