Walnut Hill Tracking & Nature Center

Beavers and Otters and Wetland Exploration

Join John for this day-long adventure exploring wetlands for signs of beavers and otters and other wildlife. We'll examine the effects of beavers on their habitat, and search for signs of many other animals, including otters, that use the diverse environment that the beavers create. Although once eradicated by the fur trade, beavers and otters are now an established integral part of a healthy ecosystem and help us appreciate the web of life within nature - dragonflies, turtles, frogs, salamanders, birds, mammals - all living in the incredibly rich environments that comprise wetlands.
John McCarter, one of the leading trackers in the northeast, was senior staff instructor for Paul Rezendes. While scouting for a beaver and otter program similar to this one in 1997, John made the discovery of a lifetime - the first and only dna-verified proof of a mountain lion in Massachusetts since their extirpation many decades ago. John will recount this and other adventures during today's program.
with John McCarter; Location: New Salem, Massachusetts; Activity Level: Moderately strenuous, off-trail. Waterproof boots are highly recommended.

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