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Join John McCarter in an adventure exploring the world of one of his favorite animals, the Bobcat! Like hidden ghosts of the forest, these wild animals shy away from human habitation, often choosing remote territories that are difficult to reach. In addition to tracks, we’ll be on the lookout for signs of lays, scent posts, scat and other clues left by this elusive, secretive and fascinating feline. Come along as John shares his extensive and deep knowledge of the ways of the Bobcat. John McCarter is one the most knowledgeable and respected tracking experts in the Northeast. He was senior staff instructor for Paul Rezendes Tracking And Nature Programs, and made the find of a lifetime when he discovered the remains of a cache and scat near the Quabbin Reservoir in 1997, the only uncontested proof of the existence of a Mountain Lion in New England at that time. In 2010, John made another amazing discovery in the Quabbin, two male moose who had locked antlers and died in a death struggle, the only find of its kind in Massachusetts. (Read the full story in Massachusetts Wildlife issue No. 1, 2016)
with John McCarter; Location: New Salem, Massachusetts; Activity Level: Moderately strenuous, off-trail. Participants must be in good physical shape and be willing to bushwhack!

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Walnut Hill Tracking & Nature Center
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