Walnut Hill Tracking & Nature Center

Animals Preparing for Winter

Tracker-extraordinaire John McCarter will lead this program in the Quabbin forest, where cold weather has arrived and snow may already be falling. From the scatter-hoarding of gray squirrels to the larder-hoarding of red squirrels, nature has evolved a myriad of different survival techniques among animals. Black bears may be tucked away in their remote dens, but most mammals will remain active all winter long, and their survival is nothing short of miraculous. The focus of the program will be their remarkable adaptions and their preparations for the harsh winter months. We are likely to see sign of moose, black bear, beaver, otter, fisher and many other animals.
with John McCarter; Location: Quabbin Reservation, New Salem, Massachusetts; Activity Level: Moderately strenuous. Please note: This will be a full-day off-trail. Participants must be in excellent physical condition and must have proper footwear and clothing.

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