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Birding By Ear and Eye

Saturday, May 10, 2014, 7 am to 10 am

Naturalist, photographer, and expert birder John Green will be the guide for your eyes and your ears, as you experience the unfolding of the season through the world of birds. This walk will be particularly instructive in bird calls and songs, an integral part of bird identification and a specialty of Johnís. On these short walks we have identified over fifty species in the past! Johnís ability to identify birds by calls and songs will add a new dimension to your skills and will take your enjoyment of birding to a new level.

with John Green

Location: Belchertown, Massachusetts

The program will be held in the area around the spectacular Quabbin Reservoir. John's bird-identification skills are extraordinary, and he has a unique ability to engage students in the magic of the natural world. A walk outside will never be the same!

Activity Level: Light

Fee: $25 per person

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Birding by Ear and Eye May 10

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