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Ecological Niches at Ice Glen

Saturday, November 9, 2013, 10 am - 3 pm

Join Bob Leverett for a full day learning about the ecological niches that make up a complex forest mosaic. Geology, climate, weather, water, soil, plants, fungi, animals - all are interlocking pieces of the amazing planet we inhabit. Bob will share his expertise in unravelling the mysteries of the forest, gleaned from a lifetime of exploration and research.

with Bob Leverett

Ice Glen is a wonder to behold and experience. Bob will lead us on a rugged journey through this fantastic glacial gorge. Huge boulders, caves, and moss-covered rock faces create a spectacular landscape, with ancient hemlocks and impressive white pines towering overhead. We will learn about the geologic and glacial forces that combined to create this wondrous setting, and the natural forces that continue to make this one of New Englandís most unique forest ecosystems.
Bob Leverett is the co-founder and president of the Eastern Native Tree Society, "devoted to the documentation and celebration of trees and forests of Eastern North America and around the world, through art, poetry, music, mythology, science, medicine, wood crafts, and collecting research data for a variety of purposes."

Fee: $50 per person

Activity Level: Strenuous, off-trail

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Ecological Niches at Ice Glen Nov 9

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