Walnut Hill Tracking & Nature Center

Tracking with Alcott Smith

Join ecologist Alcott Smith for a day of winter adventure in the New England forest!
Alcott is a leading authority on our indigenous animals. Whether conducting long-term research on rattlesnakes or tracking bobcats to document their secretive ways, Alcott has spent a lifetime building an encyclopedic knowledge of the complex web of life in the New England forest. Alcott revels in sharing his passion with others, and excels in his ability to bring to life the relationship between our wild fauna and its habitat. We are excited that Alcott has found time from his myriad pursuits to teach for us again. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from an unparalleled naturalist!
with Dr. Alcott Smith; Location: near Lebanon, New Hampshire; Activity Level: Strenuous, off-trail. Participants must be in good physical shape and be willing to bushwhack! Alcott follows the animals wherever they go!

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