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Beyond Tree I.D.

Saturday, May 23, 2020, 10 am to 1:30 pm

How can you identify tree species by crown form, bark appearance, and habitat? How do tree form and bark texture change with age? How do topography, location, weather, and soil conditions affect the appearance of trees? Join Bob Leverett to find the answers to these and many other questions. In addition to identifying tree species in our region, you will learn about the ecology of each species, its historical uses, and where champion specimens may grow. Bob will also share how the Eastern Native Tree Society explores and documents the locations and dimensions of the most charismatic of the species that we’ll see.

with Bob Leverett

This program will be held at Look Park in Florence, just north of Northampton, Massachusetts, home to a large variety of species. It includes many outstanding trees that Bob will show us.

Location: Northampton, Massachusetts

Activity Level: Moderately light, mostly on trail

Fee: $50 per person

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Beyond Tree I.D. May 23 2020

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