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Animal Track Patterns

Sunday, March 22, 2020, 10:00am - 5:00pm

with Nick Wisniewski

The ability to decifer track patterns is essential for positive animal species identification. Especially in difficult substrates, such as deep fluffy snow, blowing sand, or leaf litter, it is often impossible to see a clear footprint, but the track pattern will reveal the identity of the animal. Furthermore, understanding track patterns and their variations can reveal clues about an animal's behavior. The first half of the program will be spent indoors viewing presentations to better understand various track patterns. The second half of the program will be spent outdoors, working on labs, and also interpreting actual trails of wild animals. This class is a crucial step towards intermediate and advanced tracking, and offers something for all levels of trackers, from novices to experts. It is always interesting, sometimes challenging, and definitely fun!

Location: Orange, Massachusetts, near Quabbin Reservoir.

Activity Level: Light activity

Fee: $50/person

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Animal Track Patterns March 22 2020

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