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Animals in Winter: Strategies for Survival

Saturday, February 29, 2020, 10:00am to 4:00pm

Bitter cold, frozen water sources, a scarcity of food - how do wild animals survive the prolonged period of hardship called "winter?" This program will focus on the survival strategies of our indigenous mammals, as we visit specific sites that give us a window on their lives. As naturalists who use the skills of animal tracking as the integrating method of nature exploration, we have spent our careers studying the animal survival skills that are nothing short of amazing. We will share this knowledge and experience with you - you will gain a new appreciation for the web of life in the winter world.

with Nick and Valerie Wisniewski

Location: The program will take place in the North Quabbin Region and will meet in New Salem

Activity Level: Please note: This will be a full-day off-trail. Participants must be in excellent physical condition and must have proper footwear and clothing.

Fee: $50 per person

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Animals in Winter Feb 29 2020

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