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Bobcats in Vermont

Saturday, February 2, 2019, 10:00am - 5:00pm

with Alcott Smith

Alcott Smith will lead this adventure into the wilds of Vermont in search of Bobcat track and sign. Bobcats have been a special passion for Alcott, and this trip will take you into an area where he has followed the lives of these fascintating animals for many years. Hiking will be in very rough and wild terrain where there are no trails, so be prepared for a challenging, strenuous and physically demanding day.

Location: West-central Vermont - exact location to be determined based on snow conditions at the time. (Often held near Fairhaven, Vermont, three-and-one-half hours from Boston; two hours and 45 minutes from Springfield, Mass.)

Activity Level: Strenuous! Snowshoes will be required.

Fee: $50/person

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Alcott Smith - Bobcats in Vermont Feb 2 2019

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