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Wildflowers and Wild Foods

Sunday, May 20, 2018, 10 am to 4 pm

The focus of this program will be wildflower identification. We will also learn to identify a variety of wild edible plants, and how to prepare these for our consumption. On our leisurely walk we will engage in general wildflower identification, as well as the natural history of each species, former and current medicinal uses, possible use as a human food source, its importance to animals, and how it fits into the overall ecology of the place where it is found. In the event of heavy rain, we will divide our time indoors and outdoors, spending some time indoors studying Nick’s exquisitely detailed photographs and preserved specimens of wildflowers. Nick will also discuss methods of constructing your own herbarium in an environmentally sensitive way.

with Nick & Valerie Wisniewski

Location: Walnut Hill Tracking & Nature Center, Orange, Massachusetts

Activity Level: Light, on-trail

Fee: $65 per person

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Wildflowers and Wild Foods May 20 2018

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