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Finding Your Way

With Map, Compass, and Orienteering

Sunday, April 2, 2017, 10 am to 4 pm

The use of a map and compass is an essential skill for anyone spending time in the outdoors. This class will be an introduction to understanding topographic maps and using a compass. The class will begin indoors, as we spend time around the table mastering the basics. We will then move outdoors and use what we have learned to create a route with a topo map and follow the route through the woods to our destination. We will end with a short contest to reach a destination. This is a fun day learning an important skill.

with Nick Wisniewski

The knowledge you gain will make you feel safer and more confident in the forest. The skills are crucial for backwoods trips, but are also important in situations such as leisurely hikes on trails or kayaking in unfamiliar areas. GPS units cannot be relied on in survival situations (battery failure, signal failure), but the ability to read a map and orient yourself may literally save your life!

Location: Walnut Hill Tracking & Nature Center, Orange, Massachusetts

Activity Level: Moderate; off-trail

Compasses will be provided for use.

Fee: $65/person

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Finding Your Way April 2, 2017

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