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Scats & Skulls!

This indoor workshop will be comprised of two areas of learning: the scats of southern New England indigenous mammals, and the skulls of those animals. Knowledge of scat is essential for proper identification of animal species in the field. Identification of animal skulls is also a key component in the "toolkit" of a competent field naturalist. Utilizing our extensive natural history collection, this workshop will provide you with the information you need for these two indispensible aspects of animal tracking.
Can you distinguish between the scat of a meadow vole and the scat of a deer mouse? Can you tell the difference between a red fox skull and a gray fox skull? Whose teeth have been gnawing on that shed deer antler? This workshop will provide you with the answers to these and a myriad of other questions, and will train you how to use forensic skills on your own.
with Nick Wisniewski; Location: Walnut Hill, Orange, Massachusetts; this is an indoor program - no hiking required

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