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Tracking: Re-learning an Ancient Art

Learning to understand how the forest “speaks” can help you enjoy a greater intimacy with nature. Unraveling the clues that animals leave behind can enhance your enjoyment of the out-of-doors and lead to an appreciation of the enormous beauty and complexity of the web of life surrounding us. Whether you’re one of the people who has taken classes with us before or are new to our programs, this is the best class for overall exposure to different types of track and sign.
During this full-day class, we will cover a variety of habitats, examining the forest for clues about the animals living there. You will learn the basics of tracks, trails, and animal sign. Like a book, the forest has stories to tell, if you understand the language in which it is written. Today you will begin to understand the language of the forest.
A walk in the forest will never be the same!
with Nick & Valerie Wisniewski; Location: Quabbin, near New Salem, Massachusetts; Activity Level: Light to moderate, mostly off-trail

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