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Predator Tracking

Saturday, February 22, 2014, 10 am to 4 pm

Viewed from the perspective of wildlife habitat, the Quabbin is a rare sanctuary, where predators and prey have been allowed to evolve naturally with little interference for over seventy years. An absence of artificial pressures from hunting and development have resulted in dynamics of animal populations not seen elsewhere in New England. Over 81,000 acres of pristine water and land provide habitat for over fifty species of mammals in what has been called “the accidental wilderness.”

with Nick & Valerie Wisniewski

Today we will explore the territories, habitats, and niches of wild mammals in the Quabbin, and will focus on the role of predators, especially members of the Carnivore order, in the ecosystem. Through tracks and sign, we will delve into the interrelationships of the indigenous mammals, and may begin to understand the interplay of life and death in the forest. With snow and tracks on the ground, we will “walk with the animals” in their winter world.

Location: New Salem, Massachusetts

Activity Level: Moderately strenuous, off-trail

Fee: $50 per person

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