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Fishers and Porcupines

Saturday, February 8, 2014, 10 am to 4 pm

The fisher is the largest member of the weasel family in the Northeast. Having been extirpated by the fur trade many years ago, it has made a comeback to this area in recent years. After this long absence, it has filled a niche as one of the top carnivores in the forest. Fast and strong, the fisher is an efficient and tenacious predator, seemingly as at home in trees as on the ground.

with Nick & Valerie Wisniewski

Porcupines are a unique and fascinating forest dweller. Their natural history and physiological make-up are complex and astounding. Like fishers, porcupines are misunderstood, often vilified, and almost always underappreciated. In today’s program, we will visit habitat that both of these animals share. We will learn about the life of each species, and the complex relationship between predator and prey.

Location: New Salem, Massachusetts

Activity Level: Moderate, considerably off-trail

Fee: $50 per person

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Fishers and Porcupines Feb 8

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