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Stalking Skills in Winter

Saturday, January 4, 2014, 11:30 am - 5:30 pm

Today we will learn how to move slowly and silently through the forest, blending into the surroundings. We will learn and practice various techniques of using our senses to focus our attention and remain aware of the present moment and the world around us. Understanding these skills will dramatically increase your chances of observing wildlife.

with Nick Wisniewski

This class will be held in north-central Massachusetts, snow, rain-or-shine. (The best stalking conditions are often during periods of precipitation). Wear very warm (non-cotton) winter clothing including long underwear and an outer water-resistant and wind-proof layer, tops and bottoms (“overdress,” as we will be motionless for long periods). Make sure you wear sock liners and wool socks and extremely well-insulated winter boots. Wear at least one layer on your head, and extremely warm water-proof and wind-proof gloves and/or mittens. More specific clothing recommendations will be provided upon registration. In preparation for this class, participants might benefit from reading “The Wild Within” by Paul Rezendes, especially the chapter entitled “Stalking Silence.”

Location: New Salem, Massachusetts

Activity Level: Moderately strenuous, off-trail, with long periods of motionlessness; the ability to crawl on hands-and-knees is required. Please note that sunset is at approximately 4:25, so we will be leaving the forest in near-darkness. Although this class is challenging, it is also extremely fun!

Fee: $50 per person

To register for this class using a credit card:

Stalking in WInter Jan 4

If you prefer to register for this class by mailing a check, please go here: Registration

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